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"I am writing to thank you for the wonderful annual event celebrating Italian, Italian-American culture in East Boston . I would like to specifically mentioned that I have been attending for many years and this year I found the singer Piero Esteriore to really capture what many people and in particular younger people really find exciting, great music. His performance combined the skills of a great entertainer, excellent singer and I feel the best of modern Italian artist who can communicate to a bi- lingual crowd and who can communicate to both young and old . Your annual event is a great contributor of the best practices of our community and connection to Italian Heritage and Culture, I applaud you again and send my best to Piero. I would also like to mention that I am part of a national organization called Young Italian Network, which is part of the CGIE (Consiglio Generale degli Italiani all’Estero) which is an initiative by the Italian Government to reconnect Italians overseas and I have spread the word about your organization and Piero."

- Francesco Daniele, VP, European Sales and Trading, The Debt Exchange, Inc.

"Every year I have a great weekend at Italia Unita, this year was very special.

Your Saturday night special guest entertainer Piero Esteriore was such a breath of fresh air. Internationally he's already a star, I checked out his official web site and he has Italian Event in Central Square listed as part of his first tour of the United States. I bought his CD that night and it's been played dozens of times by me, my friends and family. They don't want to give it back most times, I make them give it back, he signed it for me.

I have no idea who picked him out as your special guest. We are so lucky to see Italia Unita staying current in the world of entertainment, multiple languages and of course the always traditional. Great job.

I can't wait until next year to see how you top this year, I'm sure you will."

- Ernie Torgersen, East Boston, MA

"We all share the passion of being Italian and doing things for our community to extend the legacy that our forefathers and foremothers have tried to instill in us and you should be very proud of your work. The Italian community all over the world would be proud of you."

- Joe Avati, Italo-Australian Comedian

"Since recently becoming a member of Italia Unita I have attended the last two Cena events at Rino's place in East Boston,and each time I have met several wonderful people that have a love for Italian culture."  "The food was absolutely fantastic!! The Best Italian Food I have tasted in the Boston Area yet!  I also learned a little more of the language as I heard the others speaking around me. Great time!"

- Paul Scioscia, Italia Unita Member

"Having been brought up in a house ruled (at least in the kitchen) by my Italian mother ( my grandparents were from Palermo) it was wonderful being surrounded by food and music that was very much part of my childhood.  Regarding our product, the "mini bomboloni" were well received."

- Frank Brombley, F&G Donuts

"Although I was born and raised in Switzerland, I've spent all my holidays in Italy since I was a child, and that is where my heart lies. Visiting Boston left me speechless. What a beautiful city!  I just wanted to tell you that I have visited your website and I find it great. It is so nice to see the effort all of you put into maintaining our Italian culture and spirit alive. I can sense the enthusiasm just by looking at the pictures of the various events. I'm impressed. It really makes me want to jump on a plane and visit you.  It's very nice for me to visit it and learn about how you keep our culture alive. I wish I could be over there to share all the great moments with you."

- Angela Palmera, Switzerland

"Unity is what keeps us strong and Italia Unita brings together Bostonians of diverse backgrounds in appreciation of Italian culture. The Italia Unita festival is a magnificent celebration of the music, food, and laughter that embody the Italian tradition. Bring the family...and your appetite!"

- Thomas Menino, Mayor of Boston

"Italia Unita's festival is a wonderful celebration of Italian culture. It brings people together and attracts many visitors to East Boston, a community rich in history, character and culture."

- Michael Capuano, U.S. Representative

"For the past five years Italia Unita has played an important role in promoting the Italian heritage here in East Boston. By providing a wide range of activities and services, they have emerged as a tremendous local resource, developing an enriched sense of community and instilling a pride of all that is Italian within our neighborhoods. I commend them on all their efforts."

- Robert E. Travaglini, Massachusetts Senate President

I had a blast... Can I come back next year?"

- Evelyn Champagne King, Disco Superstar

"Italia Unita successfully organizes a three day Italian festival that encompasses a variety of cultural attractions. From traditional singing groups to popular bands; young and old revel in the festivities. As an Italian American filmmaker its inspiring to see young Italian Americans supporting the arts... and the food is great!"

- Frank Ciota, Filmmaker

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