The World Italian Sausage Eating Championship
was held on Saturday, July 21st 2007

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The 3rd Annual Sausage Eating Contest hails a new winner!

Winner Tom "Goose" Gillbert at 4.84 lbs set a New World Record!

13th - Jeff "Big Show" Freeman - .83 lbs

12th - Pat Capogreco (President of I.U.) - .86 lbs

11th - Jim "The Heater" Fallon - .87 lbs

10th - "Big" David gore - 1.17 lbs

9th - Mikey "Canoli" Saffie - 1.26 lbs

8th - "Princess" Diana Boro - 1.39 lbs

7th - Tim "Im Not Tom" Crews - 1.47 lbs

6th - Bruce "Captain RU" Sinclair - 1.83 lbs

5th - Tim "Chomps-A-Lot" Brien - 2.00 lbs

4th - Jared Kaiser "Roll" - 2.39 lbs

3rd - Nate "The Nibbler" Gayman - 2.78 lbs

2nd - Ian "The Invader" Hickman - 4.38 lbs – Ian beat last year's record of 3.86 by Gentleman Joe Menchetti

1st - Tom "Goose" Gillbert - 4.84 lbs – New World Record!

Tom “Goose” Gilbert
Tom hails from Hadley Massachusetts began his journey of competitive eating dominance at last year's World Italian Sausage Eating Championship.  In only his first attempt at competitive eating, Gilbert nearly beat eating legend Gentleman Joe Menchetti; losing by the narrowest of margins. Dubbed “The Unknown” by the ecstatic emcees at last years contest,
Gilbert has earned the nickname of “The Goose” along with an impressive resume including an undefeated record, world records and national titles. AICE Chairman Arnie “Chowhound” Chapman has referred to the 24 year old Massachusetts State Counselor & Combat Medic with the Army Reserves as “Possibly the worlds greatest eater.” 
Despite the accolades, “The Goose” feels that his huge competitive eating success will not be complete until he dethrones the two time World Italian Sausage Eating Champion Gentleman Joe Menchetti and claims the World Italian Sausage Eating Championship in East Boston on July 21st, 2007.  Also attending this event will be top eaters Ian “The Invader” Hickman from Sterling Virginia and Joshua “The Lumberjack” Hearnes from Albany New York.  The record for this event is 3.86 lb., which Emcees Mike “Sisco-Kid” and Derek “Wing Tut” Payne predict will be demolished in 2007.

Ian “The Invader” Hickman
Currently ranked among the best Eaters in America by the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters, “The Invader” is a recent graduated from the University of Kentucky where he majored in Journalism and now makes his home in Sterling Virginia. Ian is the current National Spoon Bread, Potato Latke and Fried Zucchini Eating Champion.  He is known by family and friends as “The Bottomless Pit,” a name and reputation he has earned early in childhood an through out college.
While attending the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ian would invade buffets and other eateries and soon developed  the reputation as the “Invader” and  became an unwelcome guest  at  buffets and steak houses in and around Lexington Kentucky. When  Ian invades a buffet, he does so with  the mindset; “I am your worst nightmare and I am here to put you out of business.”.  Rumor has it that local food establishments signed a petition requesting that the “Invader” be banned from their eating establishments. Although single, when asked who his dream-girl is he simply responds; “not sure, but it would be great if she was a waitress”.

Some of the Invaders many restaurant conquests include 19 Skyline chili/cheese dogs in 30 minutes, 33 Dairyette hamburgers in 45 minutes, 117 Hooter's wings in one sitting, 335 Red Lobster shrimp in 1 hour, 22 Taco Johns tacos in one sitting, a 64oz Reno's Big Bubba Steak in 19 minutes. In only his first Speed Eating contest, “The Invader” took 3rd place against a group of Professional Eaters at the Great American Chicken Wing Eating Championship in Ft. Wayne Indiana. If it wasn’t for a rookie mistake of pouring water into his tray, he probably would have pulled off the biggest upset in 2005.  Other speed eating conquests include a Watermelon Eating Contest in Ohio where he consumed 9.5 lbs. of watermelon easily defeating the 2nd place finisher by more than a pound. Ian who has surfer-boy good looks and has become the “Media Darling of Competitive Eating” is unquestionably  the “Heart Throb” of the eating circuit and is also known by adoring fans as the “Hunk of Hunger”.
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