About Us
Italia Unita is a non profit organization that proudly celebrates Italian culture. Italia Unita was created in 1995. Throughout the years Italia Unita coordinates and promotes many events in an effort to maintain the level of appreciation and pride in Italian Culture. Working with other organizations or agencies we celebrate and promote Italian culture. Our signature event is our annual Italian Festival held in East Boston.

How it started:
Italia Unita started as a festival in 1995.  East Boston residents were celebrating Italy's participation in the World Cup and an impromptu celebration erupted in the streets. A few people took notice and decided to collectively organize a three-day festival to celebrate Italian pride.  Word spread and people associated with East Boston came back and an informal reunion was created.  Ten years later, the Italian Festival has grown to be one of the largest Italian festivals with visitors from all over the world.

Where we are today:
Over the last ten years, Italia Unita produced other events and worked on several initiatives to promote Italian Culture.

• Italian Language Classes are held two semesters per year for adults.
• Special Events are held to promote Italian culture.
• RAI International was launched on Comcast. 24 hours of Italian programming is now offered in the state of Massachusetts. The initiative to bring RAI on Comcast was started and lobbied by Italia Unita and after several years, Comcast offers RAI as a premium station.
• Membership in Italia Unita is now available for individuals who want to keep in touch with their culture. Special discounts to events are offered through Italia Unita's membership program.
• Scholarships are offered through Italia Unita to local high schools.
• Community involvement allows Italia Unita to reach out into the communities spreading Italian culture and pride, specifically to the elderly and children.

The Future of Italia Unita:
Our goal is to raise enough funds to hire staff in an effort to open a full service Italian Cultural Center in East Boston where we can provide services for the Italian American communities. To provide assistance for Italian expatriates who live and work in the States and to provide information for individuals wishing to travel, work and study in Italy.

Italia Unita
P.O. Box 685, East Boston, MA 02128

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